japanese tour 1998
These photos are from our tour of Japan in June 1998 with the fabulous Japanese band Husking Bee. We spent 10 days driving and flying around in some of the most hot and humid weather imaginable. The shows were great and the food was even better...well, maybe not the crab brains...

hawaii 1997
Sicko explores the not-so-hidden paradise of Hawaii.

japanese tour 1996
These photos are from our tour of Japan in December 1996. Touing there is almost like being in Van Halen. The people into punk rock in Japan are some of the most enthusiastic and friendly people you'll ever meet. We also saw a 45-foot-tall Buddah.

After our tour of the US in 1996, we spent almost two weeks in Spain with our friends who run Munster Records and Louie Records. The tour was less about playing music than seeing how late we could stay up drinking...We ran into Coop from the X-Rays which didn't help, either.

rock and roll tour 1996
These photos are from our tour of the US in 1996. We drove 12,000 miles in six weeks in the supreme touring vehicle known to those in the know as Betty Beauville. We didn't break down once...unheard of in the world of low-budget touring.

tour 1994
This was our first nation-wide tour...even though it was a bit less than national. In fact, it was nightmarish, complete with continual van breakdowns, empty shows, and heat which only the midwest can provide. In retrospect, the entire experience of that tour can really be understood by the comment made by the guy in Deer Lodge, Montana who fixed our alternator. He asked what we were doing and after our brief explanations he said, "Well, sounds like fun but it sure don't look like it."

promo pictures
All of our promo pictures...about one session per album...have been done by local photo Queen Alice Wheeler. She and her dog Ruby lay to waste any puny photographers who cross their path. We've also included some pics of a few select publications when we made the cover.

Back In the Day
Wow, old photos...this shows how long we've been around. Most of these pictures are from our first two photo shoots in 1994 and 1995 and we look like little kids. All but one are by Alice Wheeler.

album art
We've been lucky to have some pretty cool artists do stuff for our records. You can see thumbnails of these on the Discography page.