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* This is what is currently available from eMpTy Records:
You Are Not The Boss Of Me CD/LP
Chef Boyrudum CD/LP
Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy CD/LP
You Can Feel the Love In This Room CD/LP
Count Me Out 7"

* Also, from Mutant Pop Records:
A Brief History of Sicko CD
Three Tea 7"

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We used to have three designs, The blue shirt was from our tour of Spain in 1996. It had the Spanish tour dates on the back. The Chef one was in full color and it had the eMpTy logo on the back. The Boss shirt was also in full color. It was from our tour of Japan in 1998 and had the Japanese tour dates on the back.

Blue Style Chef Style Boss Style


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* The Newsletter Archive
Ah, yes...we only ever did one...For those of you who have Adobe Acrobat Reader and can read *.pdf files, this one's for you:
Sicko Newsletter, Fall 1995 in *.pdf

Note: if you want to download Acrobat Reader go to Adobe Systems Incorporated (it's FREE) It looks a lot better - you get the layout and graphics - just like the real thing

For all others, here's the straight text version: Sicko Newsletter, Fall 1995 in text

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