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* SICKO SHOW ANNOUNCED: Sicko is going to play (at least) one more show, on January 19th 2018 in Seattle at the Seattle Pop Punk Festival.

* FACEBOOK: Check our our new Sicko Facebook Page with photos, videos, witty banter, merch, and the full version of the US Tour Video 1996.

* SICKO VINYL & CDs: Top Drawer Records is back up an running, selling a few copies of Sicko releases from back in the day, among other things. These are not re-releases.

* NEW DIGITAL RE-ISSUES: Red Scare has re-released digital versions of the four full-length albums. They're now available on bandcamp, itunes, google music, and spotify.

* WIKIPEDIA: Whoa! Sicko makes Wikipedia: HERE

* TABLATURE: Here's something for the guitarist in your life...Denny took the time to write out the tablature to a couple of his more demanding guitar tracks. If you don't play guitar, this will mean nothing to you.
  • From the LP You Can Feel The Love In This Room - On the Clock
  • From the LP Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy - Bad Year

* A NEW SITE?? Thanks to some great feedback on our web site from one particularly devoted and creative fan, we are thinking of a redesign. It's all based on the creative message our fan left us..what do you think of this?

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